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Highland Brew - 20 pcs Drip Coffee Deluxe Box

Highland Brew - 20 pcs Drip Coffee Deluxe Box

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Experience Every Layer of Highland Aromas

Embark on a flavorful journey with our "Highland Brew" deluxe box, featuring 20 single-serve drip coffee bags from the heart of the Philippine highlands. This expanded selection offers a deeper exploration of each unique blend, all beautifully packaged in a premium box. Each deluxe box includes:

  • 4 pcs of Benguet Blend: A delightful combination of floral aromatics and nutty flavors, cultivated in the serene Benguet mountains.
  • 4 pcs of Atok Arabica: Known for its smooth and sweet notes, complemented by a touch of caramel, from the high elevations of Atok.
  • 4 pcs of Sablan Robusta: Intensely bold and earthy, this robust coffee provides a vigorous start to your day, sourced from Sablan.
  • 4 pcs of Sagada: Exquisitely aromatic with hints of chocolate and citrus, grown in the misty valleys of Sagada.
  • 4 pcs of Kalinga Drip Coffee: Distinctively spicy and full-bodied, this coffee is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Kalinga.

Premium Packaging, Premium Coffee Our deluxe box is not only a gateway to exploring diverse coffee flavors but also a statement of elegance and thoughtfulness. Perfect as a corporate gift, a special treat for coffee lovers, or a luxurious addition to your daily routine.

Brewing Made Simple Each drip bag is crafted for optimal flavor extraction:

  1. Position the drip bag in your mug.
  2. Gradually pour 200 ml of hot water through the bag.
  3. Let the coffee drip and steep to unleash its full flavor.
  4. Discard the bag, sit back, and relish in the rich taste of Highland coffee.

Gift of Elegance The "Highland Brew" deluxe box is designed not just to please the palate but also to impress. Its sleek and stylish packaging makes it an ideal gift for any occasion.

Discover the rich heritage of Philippine coffee. Indulge in the "Highland Brew" 20 pcs drip coffee deluxe box today and transform your coffee moments into a luxurious ritual!

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