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Single Origin Robusta Coffee Beans, 250 grams

Single Origin Robusta Coffee Beans, 250 grams

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Embrace the Bold Flavors of Sablan, Benguet

Uncover the robust and intense flavors of our "Single Origin" Robusta coffee beans, sourced exclusively from the fertile landscapes of Sablan, Benguet. Each 250-gram package delivers the pure and powerful character of Robusta beans, grown in the unique microclimate and rich soils of this esteemed region.

Taste Profile: Our Single Origin Robusta beans are known for their bold and earthy flavors. Expect a full-bodied experience with notes of dark chocolate, a hint of spice, and a pleasantly strong finish that Robusta lovers seek.

Ethically Grown: We are dedicated to responsible sourcing, partnering with local farmers in Sablan who employ sustainable practices to nurture both their crops and the environment. Our beans are harvested with great care to ensure both quality and ecological integrity.

Ideal for Various Brewing Techniques: These robust beans are versatile, suitable for a range of coffee brewing methods:

  1. Espresso: Ideal for those who prefer a strong, vigorous espresso shot.
  2. Turkish Coffee: Perfect when finely ground to capture the intense, bold flavors.
  3. Cold Brew: Excellent for a smooth, chilled coffee drink that emphasizes its rich, deep notes.

For Connoisseurs and Enthusiasts: "Single Origin" Robusta from Sablan, Benguet, is a choice for those who appreciate the strength and complexity of Robusta beans. Each batch is carefully roasted to bring out the best of its rich and hearty flavors.

How to Enjoy:

  • Select your preferred amount of beans.
  • Grind according to the coffee method you desire.
  • Brew, and let the robust flavors of Sablan Robusta elevate your coffee experience.

Dive into the Deep, Rich Essence of Benguet Robusta: Purchase your bag of "Single Origin" Robusta coffee beans today and discover the compelling taste of Sablan’s finest, delivered straight to your cup.

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